Yes this is me!

Steven Hargraves

Hello there!

If you have arrived at this site, you must have met me or know a friend - it's not advertised anywhere as it is a "work in progress!"

It's a portfolio of sorts that will develop as more is added, and also the design will radically change too - before it all goes "live". I've hand coded this responsive layout in notepad utilising the foundation framework from Zurb for expediency.

It's very fast loading and will fit any device it's viewed on. (Try re-sizing the screen)

Check out the links above.

Updated 31st oct: I've added more photos - including interactive 360's!

I am a web designer / multimedia / artist - or if you prefer - a "Creative" - but it's a tad declamatory to label such things.

Here are some quick links to sites I've made recently:

Modded CMS sites - Customised WordPress - TerminalFour - a portfolio of jacket paintings in WordPress

HTML sites - For a friend

Video Portfolio - 70 others on playlist - CompilationOne of my photos
PS - That's not clip art above; it's one of my HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos..

These would be links of course if this site was real



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