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Steven Hargraves


I studied photography at Hugh Baird in 1990-2 and since have become a prize winning photographer - founder of a photo society, digital photography lecturer for LJMU, corporate, commercial, weddings, gigs, etc

I do a LOT of marketing shots - students looking at books and smiling.... Ideal for web and print promotional materials.
marketing shotSpace for speech bubbles or pull-quotes too.
marketing shot 2

I also do a LOT of landscape and architectural shots too - ideal for showing off educational buildings - I also tend to get up early to get the most atmospheric shots I can using the conditions available.

DaffsSometimes I mix conventional photos with state-of-the-art digital trickery in photoshop - Such as this one of the Albert Dock - which was a prize winning shot incidentally - that combined about 30 individiual pictures.
Albert Dock Small
And another of the same area which you'll recognise! These are composites of many images. Panoramic shots stitched together.
Wheel PanoramaLuxembourg. It's a small city.
Luxembourg mini

Also - I do interactive photography - Check out this campus map I'm working on.

It's work in progress so I've not optimised it for responsive screens yet - but if you hover over an icon - if it is clickable a box will appear - give it a click - scroll around the picture and click the link to return to the map.

Threeviews Exhibition - Corke Gallery - some samples here of framed exhibition work.

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